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Why are Software and its OTA is essential?

With information from SolidBrain, there are two types of OTA updates for cars, infotainment and driving control. The first has to do with navigation information, the map, audio, apps, streaming services, features, and so on. While these updates enhance the user experience, they are not critical or required for vehicle operation.

Instead, ride control updates do affect a vehicle’s ability to operate safely, so they are necessary. That’s because these updates improve or fix critical systems like the powertrain, chassis systems, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). As you’ll see, keeping an older car up to date can help its resale value.

Perhaps the biggest challenge is cybersecurity issues, since, being carried out wirelessly, it can be more vulnerable to hacking. Finally, in the future, all cars will be connected to other vehicles and even to infrastructure such as traffic lights. But, as you can imagine, all this involves risk. For this reason, as Continental explains, this is especially the case with functions such as wireless updates of vehicle electronics, which work on the basis of data transfer between the car and its environment.

Despite this, the benefits for both parties, manufacturers and customers, are greater. Next, we share with your which brands and models offer this technology.

General Motors drives software development

The development of features such as Super Cruise, as well as over-the-air updates, are part of the strategy.

General Motors announced that it will hire 3,000 new employees in engineering, design and IT, to help transform the future of product and software development.

The North American firm will thus promote the development of electric and autonomous vehicles. In addition to that, it will also develop advanced platforms. One example is its Ultium battery system.

With this strategy, the North American firm accelerates virtual development by its engineering team. This has allowed GM to speed up product lead times for upcoming electric vehicles and thus keep costs down.

GM invests in your vision

The North American firm has a vision of zero accidents, zero emissions, and zero congestion through the development and integration of its software and services. It is planned to add electrical systems engineers; infotainment software engineers; plus, developers for Java, Android, iOS and other platforms;

It should be remembered that experience in services and the use of the software are essential in the next electric and autonomous driving cars.

The development of features such as Super Cruise, as well as over-the-air updates, are part of the strategy. In addition, the North American firm will continue to invest in software applications such as OnStar.

General Motors believes that achieving an all-electric future can only become a reality by embracing and investing in diverse perspectives and talents.

BMW: OTA updates on Software

The BMW Group has signalled that it aims to have the largest over-the-air upgradeable fleet of any manufacturer in the world by the end of 2021, in which more than 2.5 million vehicles will be able to receive updates via RSU (remote software update).

In 2020, more than 750 thousand BMW vehicles worldwide (including Mexico) received the largest and most extensive software update in the history of the brand, being the largest wireless update by a European manufacturer. It was the latest version of the BMW 7 Operating System (version 07/20). Depending on the market, it includes new, expanded and improved features such as BMW Maps, Google Android AutoTM as well as eDrive Zones. BMW OS 8 will also allow customers to schedule the installation of a remote software update. You can explore more at


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