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Earn money with blockchain play to earn games

Games and platforms such as Mega888, to earn money of the play to earn type have quickly gone viral on social networks in recent years. If you don’t know about them yet, it’s time you learned about them, as they can give you an exciting level of earnings; although as you can guess, to have participated in these you will have to make an initial investment.

From our website, we show you some of the best play to earn games on the blockchain. So that in this way you not only make a good choice but also achieve profitability in your first steps and do not lose money.

These are some of the suggested video games:

  • Roller Coin.
  • The Sandbox
  • Axie Infinity.
  • Alien Worlds.
  • MyCryptoHeroes.
  • CryptoKitties.

In each of them, you must acquire an NFT or non-fungible token; this can be a character, card, or avatar, among others. Then, you can use it within the gaming platform to earn money, and depending on your skills, the rarity of your character or other reasons, it will be the reward you receive.

1. League of Legends

On the other hand, we find League of Legends; it is a multiplayer video game inspired by a map of Warcraft III. In this RPG game for computers, you can win a lot of money; but this will depend on various factors and the strategy you apply.

It should be noted that League of Legends (LOL), currently has 3 maps and various game modes. One of them is Summoner’s Rift (the map most frequented by users), then there is The Howling Abyss and finally the newest map and game mode; Teamfight Tactics.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best games to win money, but you have to be extremely skilled with your hands. Otherwise, it will be almost impossible for you to obtain any benefit. In case you are skilled enough it will be easy to get a few thousand euros or maybe millions; like the popular LOL pro player Faker did.

The best way to earn money in LOL is through the level booster, sale of level 30 virgin accounts, coaching (if you are an expert in the game), participation in tournaments, and registration in the world cup, among others.

2. Counter-Strike GO

If you are a gamer, surely you have heard of the popular Counter-Strike before, which for many was one of the best first-person shooter video games, since it has a wide variety of maps and can be played offline or multiplayer.

However, its GO version is the most relevant today. Since, players can purchase skin packs for their characters, custom weapons and much more;  is why it has become so popular.

Also, Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS-GO) has better visual details; a fact that further boosted the game’s sales on Steam; causing raffles and events to be held globally, thus allowing professional players to earn money playing.

Today, Counter-Strike GO is played globally, and events, raffles and tournaments are constantly held; where clearly, the winning team will be the one that wins money. You may not have known this, but such a tournament can award a few million dollars to the players who win. Therefore, if you want to make a living from video games, being extremely good at Counter-Strike GO is one of the best options to consider.

However, in case you do not have many skills with your hands, you can also dedicate yourself to selling chests and skins; This modality consists of exchanging your belongings in the game with other players; either for real money or another reward.


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