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How to make money with sports betting

Is it possible to make money with sports betting? It is the question that most online players and bettors ask themselves, and it is a very difficult question to answer. Yes, we can make money with sports betting, but it is not easy at all. There are very few who can afford to live on what they earn betting in the world of sports, and we cannot forget that we play against a bookmaker and that, as we have heard so many times, the bank always wins. And more in a long-distance race like this.

According to the data handled by the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ), only one in four players earns money with bets and online gambling at Judi slot online. But the difference between winning a small amount of money and winning real money is such that the percentage of players with winnings of more than €3,000 does not exceed 0.55%. The figures are not deceiving, the work is difficult, but with patience and a lot of thought we have the possibility of earning money betting.

tricks to win sports bets

Even so, there are a number of tricks or tips that we can put into practice in search of that goal of winning with sports betting now. Before reading on, you should be clear that it is a very difficult path, and that one of the determining factors is chance, so none of the tricks that you will see below is infallible, although they do have a fairly high percentage of effectiveness. At the end of the day, the 100% sure bet does not exist, and the easier it is to fulfil it, the lower the quota will be and the more you will have to invest to make it come out.

  • Bullish directional bets: seize the opportunity when you see it

There are trains that only pass once in a lifetime, and that’s the thing about directional betting. The key is that the implied probability of the quote offered by the bookmaker is less than the real probability that the predicted result will occur, that is, that the bet has value. Although the bookies establish a quota before the match, it fluctuates and many times they are forced to increase it, which will increase your chances of success. This is what happens when in a 1X2 bet the away odd is 2.0 (50% probability) but it goes up to 2.2 (45%) because the bettors opt for 1 or X. That is why it is necessary to analyze the evolution of the fees.

  • Betting arbitration: he who seeks finds

Although most bookmakers offer similar odds, sometimes we find great differences and an unbalanced situation, where we can find safe bets. It is clear that no bookmaker will offer odds where you can lose, but if you analyse the odds of different bookmakers, it is relatively easy to find that negative spread due to the odds adjustment. Thus, making a contradictory bet in both bookmakers you will see that, whoever wins, the real winner will be you since the profits of one bookie will compensate the money lost in the other bet.


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